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Employee Retention Strategies

When I realized that we all have different natural behavioral traits that we all have our own thing that motivates us that engages us and that I what motivates me you know free money free lunch may not motivate someone else they may be motivated by.

That verbal appreciation are let’s all work together as a team I don’t want to compete against my teammates we have to first a know what motivates us and then take that into how are we going to motivate others how are we going to engage our employees that’s going to lead us to understanding.

How we are going to retain those that we need to retain so let’s move on when we look at this we look at your retention strategy starts at three levels first recruitment then engagement and finally retention your retention strategy starts at the very very very beginning with that recruitment from the moment.

That you’re looking at bringing on someone new of hiring someone you have to define what your culture is is it assertive is it aggressive is it moving back and forth whatever that may be define is because as you’re recruiting people you want to recruit within Southwest earlier they know exactly the type of people that they’re looking for they know what skills they’re looking for but more importantly.

They’re looking for those cultural fits as well once you’ve recruited them then you have that engagement piece of things and once you have that engagement then employee engagement leads to retention it’s very important to understand all of these pieces so that as we move along each step builds on each other recruitment vote both parties focus on what do we get.

I need someone with skills I need a paycheck the engagements that focuses on discovering those employees individual motivators just as we talked in that poll before what motivates you and then last but not least the engagement and for retention emphasize Career Development in those next steps.

So we recruitment you want to look at things such as cultural fit hard skills common values one of the top ten reasons why employees leave a company is because that their values their basic beliefs no longer align with that company.

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